Shortycake's Rules for Party Planning Rule#2

Rule#2: Always create a Budget
Now this rule is a bit tricky and quite touchy for some people. Allow me to get all Clinton on you, it depends on the definition of "Budget". For me, Budget does not equal On-the-Cheap. When planning an event I determine how much money I am (or my client is) willing to spend to make it memorable. Like I've told many a brides, think back to all the weddings you've been to, what do you remember about them? That's what everyone else does too! (Here's a secret...most people remember the cake! Not necessarily what it looked like but how it tasted and how it was served.) 

Break down your budget based on what you want your guests to remember (in a good way).  If its the cake, don't go all warehouse on it-do some research and find a bakery to make it Wow! (Obligatory shout out to Deerfields Bakery-Best cakes ever!) 

After my big expense is determined that's when I start wheeling and dealing with the list of remainder party must-haves. Which depends on Rule#3, and that's for tomorrow!


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