Shortycake's Rules for Party Planning Rule#3

Let's recap. Rule#1-Remember why I'm having the party. Rule#2-Create a budget

Now on the the third rule I use when planning a party...

Rule#3: Always have a Theme
This rule is pretty self-explanatory taken at face value, but having a theme doesn't mean just buying a few themed paper plates and hanging a matching banner-its about setting the tone for the entire event. 

Once I've determined the major money taker for the party (and for my personal shin-digs its usually the food and libations), I see what I have left and work the theme to the best of my remaining budget. Its funny, the smaller the budget it seems the more creative one can be with the decor. 

Work from those printed paper plates by incorporating their colors or a key element in the design. If its a Winnie the Pooh theme, yellows and reds are the colors that should be everywhere in your venue, honey should be in something on the menu, music in the background could be a compilation of all songs with the word honey in it (or songs sung by Pooh himself), treats can be shaped like bears, party favors can be little jars of honey (or Shortycake Cookies shaped like a honey jar), serve orange colored juice and label it "Tigger Juice", I can go on and on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Keep the theme in mind for all the planning.

If I'm throwing a Fiesta, I'm not going to serve pierogies and by all means I will make sure the tortilla chips, salsa, and tequila won't run out!

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