Shortycake's Rules for Party Planning

It's coming summer and prime season for Parties! Over the past 20 years I have been known to throw some good fiestas. Because of my ample years of experience I have a few basic "Rules" I use when putting together any event. And now I will share them with you!

Rule #1. Remember the Why

I have attended many a party where it was not certain why it was even being thrown.  Of course, I knew they were for birthdays, babies, holidays, etc. but based on the atmosphere, the hosting, the flow of events, and the beverages & food, there seemed no thought, care, or enthusiasm went into the planning. I wasn't a guest, I was just there to drop off a gift.

Every party I host or plan I continuously remind myself of the Why. The Why for any and every party is for my guests to celebrate with me/my husband/my daughter/the guest of honor/etc. My invitees are the focus no matter the occasion for the party. I am having the party for them and they need to leave the party happy to have come! 

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