My favorites of 2011

All of my work is custom and made to order. Sometimes I'll be working on something and not "feel" and extra "lo non so cosa" about it, but others, I look back and beam, "Yes, I really like this". So here are a few of MY favorite pieces of work from 2011.

Favorite Cookies
The customer was having a Fiesta Themed Holiday Party.
Nothing says fiesta like a snowman in a sombrero 

I do ALOT of onesie cookies but these by far are my favorite. 
My hands still hurt from the lacing detailing on these, but they were for a 90th Birthday!
I feel honored to have been part of her celebration with these cookies!

Favorite Cupcake
I actually started watching Olivia after this order, with my daughter of course. ;-)

Favorite Cake
This cake's detailing is from her invitation. It is just a happy cake all around

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