Make Your Own Cake Push-Ups!

ShortyCAKE Push-Ups are flying out of the kitchen! These fun and unique treats are the latest rage. For you baking do-it-yourselfers, I'm happy to supply you the containers too!

Did you know these containers can be reused? If you have kids at home these containers can be magical! Have them make their own cake push-ups, pudding pops, ice-cream push-ups, jello pops, mashed potatoes & peas pops, whatever their imaginations can think of!

You can buy a set of the containers through Shortycake Creations now! Two options: Order a dozen cake push-ups and reuse the container (best ROI) or Buy the containers only! Yep, I'm selling just the containers too!

4 piece plastic Push-Up Containers
12-$13.00 +shipping
Click here or email Kim to place your order!

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