The Scoop on Scoop Sizes

Christmas means homemade Drop Cookies! My favorite scoop size for drop cookies is #40. What does this mean?

Besides the fact that I don't like to just "drop" drop cookies, they also have to be scooped, well rounded, and the same size. Scoops come in many sizes and all have a size number on them. It may be hard to find, but I guarantee there is one.

The scoop number indicates the number of scoops it takes to make 1 quart. Interesting, huh? If you want to verify this, go buy a quart of ice cream and start scooping and counting. Don't let that scooped ice cream go to waste either. Eat up. It's OK, its for scientific research.

The smaller the number the larger the scoop.  Here's a chart to make things easier.

Pictured are a #8, #16, and #40 for reference.

Scoop Size:Amount
6: 2/3 cup
8: 1/2 cup
10: 2/5 cup
12: 1/3 cup
16: 1/4 cup (perfect for cupcakes)
20: 3 1/5 tablespoons
24: 2 2/3 tablespoons
30: 2 1/5 tablespoons
40: 1 3/5 tablespoons


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