Take Time for Tea: Hand painted Teacup Cookies


  1. Oh, Kim...these are so perfect. =)

  2. Glad you like them Carm! After I got done painting them I realized they went well with the "Old Country Roses" Royal Albert China design!

  3. They are very reminiscent of the tea cottage we enjoyed a few years back; sharing memories, laughing & crying together. They are perfect & she will say the same thing. Thinking you will likely get some business from Ms. Kelly as well. Gracie loves them to, BTW. She was so upset because she was sick as a dog when I was ordering them for Kelly. Grace thought they were for her, bless her heart. I explained that Kelly was in the hospital & VERY sick. She way calmed down & could see the goodness in sending the cookies to Kelly. In fact, she was delighted to see the picture of the finished product, exclaiming "They are sooooooo pretty!" I'm working to get her mailing address. She usually uses a PO Box. I'll message you, k?



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