How To: Cake Balls

Cake balls.
Small coated treats of delectable goodness. 

Many people have raved about them and all have asked
"How do you make them?"
So, here's Shortycake's How To:

Cake Balls 101

Bake and cool your favorite cake.
Crumble the cake in a large bowl-no big chunks allowed..
Add the gooey stuff!
Frosting, peanut butter, jelly, flavored coffee creamer, whatever.
Add a little at a time until the cake mixture is a good consistency to form into balls.
Put the cakeballs on a parchment lined tray .
Put the tray in freezer for an hour or longer (overnight is fine)
When ready to coat them, melt your choice of chocolate:
milk, dark, semi-sweet, white, almond bark, even candy melts and start dipping!
Put the coated cakeballs back on the parchment and let the coating set
Once the coating has dried you are ready to start enjoying a taste of heaven!

(The ones from the Luau had chopped up cherries in them! Yum!)


  1. Seriously, you're giving away your recipe?? Now that's a confident baker for you! Not afraid to share your secrets. =) Thanks!

  2. Love your site! And everything looks delicious:)

  3. I'm so making these for the roomie reunion! Thanks again, Kim!



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