Food Network Cupcake Wars!

About a week ago, one of my favorite channels, FLN, switched to the Cooking Channel. I love The Food Network and all the delectable food creations it highlights. But with two dedicated channels to food I thought, ah but briefly, that "Whoa-too many food channels.  What more can they (channel execs and creatives) come up with?". 

Two words, one title, one network: "Food Network Cupcake Wars". Yep, a competition show about cupcake creations.

Here's my two cents on this: I pray this new competition doesn't do to cupcakes what it did to cakes. What is that you ask? Well, as the "Food Network (insert category here) Cake Challenges" pushed decorators to creative extremes, thus producing some of the most gorgeous cakes imaginable it also steered the focus from great tasting cake/frosting combos to the realism and detail of the fondant work matching the bride's favorite purse (or whatever the challenge).  I love purses. I love shoes. I LOVE cake. But really, is there anyone out there that LOVES the taste and texture of fondant or loves to eat purses and shoes?

Yes, yes, yes. I use fondant detailing on my Shortycake Creations cookies and cupcakes but here is what goes through my mind as I work with it: "Ugh, this stuff smells disgusting and tastes nothing like what frosting/icing should. I'm glad the detailing I do can be popped off easy with a fork before consumed." But I digress.

Will this new show jump the shark with cupcakes? Has the cupcake craze actually been a subliminal outcry of cake lovers wanting their cake and delicious frosting too? Only time and about 3000 episodes will tell.

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  1. Agree totally with the taste of fondant!! Yes, the cakes are beautiful to view....but I eat cake to enjoy the delictable taste of the moist cake and creamy frosting! I don't enjoy eating crayons!



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