Cookie Names. What Gives?

I'm drinking my morning cup of energy and compiling my list of cookies and baking supplies for the day. Chocolate chip, White Chocolate Mac Nut, Color-coated chocolate pieces cookies (yes, yes, yes, they are what you think), and Snickerdoodle.

On a side note, these are great cookies to have little helpers in the kitchen with you! Let your child build their own culinary masterpieces with cooking kits and accessories. I know when B wakes up it'll be "I help Mommy make cookies"...over and over and over.

Snickerdoodle. 1. There is nothing in this cookie that remotely resembles a Snickers, nor does it make me snicker. 2. There's no doodle on it either. So I searched for the origin of the famous Snickerdoodle. Wow does everyone have an opinion on that! It appears that every country has taken claim to being the origin of the Snickerdoodle...but no one knows for sure.

This has me wondering...what other cookies have names that don't give a clue what they are? Leave a comment with the ones you know of.

Have a Sweet day!

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