Fun Budget Party Ideas

At the park today I was asked how old my dare-devil daughter is.  I proudly stated 22 months and continued spotting her from the trapeze-like play-yard thingy she was on.  Then it hit me! She's 22 months! This means she will be 2 in June. This means I have to plan her party!

Shortycake Creations Party Creations does party planning, day of coordinating, cookie tables, and more. And yes, I am at the helm of this venture and thoroughly love taking the burden of the details off of people's shoulders and allowing them to enjoy their events, BUT I'm also a mom of a soon to be 2 year old who will need some type of party to ring in the success of her full second year.

Last year we did a Carnival themed 1st birthday which took well over 2 months to plan, and was a complete success. There are just over 8 weeks for party number 2 and I, just like everyone else these days, am on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule because of the other parties I'm detailing.

So tonight in-between my search for rental linens, event backdrops, bulk candy, and cookie cutters I looked up some budget friendly kid party ideas.  Fun Budget Party Ideas at gave me what I was needing-ideas for a party that I can put together in a pinch without breaking the bank and still work my normal schedule on, ironically, the party planning and cookie favors & gifts I have scheduled to do.

"A day at the Zoo" is looking like one of the top themes for birthday number 2! I may need to call on Shortycake Creations to take over the details. :-)

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