Pictured: Espresso Spiced:
Spice Biscotti with a top coat of semi-dark chocolate
infused with espresso and topped with a pinch of sea salt.

Pictured: Plain Plain Vanilla, Cranberry Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Pictured: Spiced Biscotti a savory sweet treat with hints of cloves, cinnamon, vanilla.

Need a perfect Thank You gift for your 
new customer/friend/babysitter/host/spouse/child/etc.? 

Shortycake Creations
Homemade Biscotti
will have them saying "Grazie Mille!" to you!

Variety Pack $12.00
6-Comfort Flavors
8-Fancy Flavors

Single Flavor Packs
Quantity 12 Biscotti per Pack
Comfort Flavors:
Plain Plain Vanilla $9.00
Spiced $9.00
Fancy Flavors:
Cranberry Vanilla $11.00
Chocolate Chocolate Chip $11.00
Espresso Spiced $11.00
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Dipped $11.00

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